Recent Projects

January - April 2016

Launched The Writing Salon with the National

Gallery of Art. We spend an hour with a painting

exploring setting, character, plot and more. Four

new salons will be offered 16-17.  LOVE this!

October 2015

World Premiere of Stay Wake, a play for the very

young (audiences of ages 1-4).  Part of the DC

Women’s Voices Theatre Festival.  At the Atlas

Performing Arts Center.

July and August 2015  & 2016

Workshop presenter at Harvard’s Project Zero

Classroom and the Washington International

School Summer Institute for Teachers.  SO excited

about my new one: Going Global: Uncovering

Complexity and Expanding Perspective through


June 2015  (And coming up in Feb 2017!)

Workshopped new musical adaptation of

Gail Carson Levin’s Ella Enchanted by Karen

Zacarias, music by Debbie Wick La Puma.  Will

open at First Stage Milwaukee in April 2016. I’ll

direct it for Adventure Theatre MTC in Feb 17.

Spring 2015 & 2016

Lots of new teaching artist work with the

National Gallery of Art and teachers

nationwide through the Kennedy Center.

New workshop encourages taking

multi-perspectives on contemporary issues. 

Feb 20 - Mar 7, 2015:


My sixth year to be artistic director of  an all-

arts festival, where collaborative artists and

richly diverse audiences audiences gather to

expand what they share through the arts.

August 2014 & 2015:

Served as a mentor for two playwrights who

were finalists in the Kennedy Center’s VSA

National Playwriting Contest.  2015 also

directed performances on the Millennium


May 2014:

Video of Forward 54th!

The National Gallery of Art has now shared

the production via their website with educators

around the globe.

Spring 2014:

Young Playwrights for Change:

The Anti-Bullying Project.

Proud to be a judge of the national

playwriting project sponsored by

TYA/USA.  Delighted to be asked to write

the forward for the anthology.

Feb 21 - Mar 8, 2014:


Our fifth anniversary festival! Over 12,000

people attended over 125 performances by over

700 artist.  I was especially delighted with our new

ArtsEngage initiative to deepen our audiences’

connection to the artists, performances and

one another.  Answer the call for proposals for


September 21, 2013 - March 8, 2014:

Writing, Producing and Directing a new play

for the National Gallery of Art.  Forward, 54th!

celebrates the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer

Regiment whose valor opened the door to the

thousands of African Americans who served

in the Civil War.  Part of the special exhibit,

Tell it with Pride.

March 16, 2013:

Keynote speaker for the American Alliance for

Theatre in Education’s TIOS Conference at Arena


Feb 22 - Mar 10, 2013:

We welcomed over 12,000 people to the Atlas



Washington Post Feature: 2/17/13

Jan - Feb 2013:

Loved bringing my Sing Down the Moon:

Appalachian Wonder Tales to life with

students at the music theatre program at

Catholic University for production at


Fox 5 Feature

January 2013, 2014,  2015 & 2016:

Delighted by the response to SchoolSculputures

at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters

Conference in New York, City.  Actor/Sculptor

(and husband) Kevin Reese is looking forward to

working with many new partners across the US

and abroad.  What Kevin does.

November 2012:

Enjoyed getting inside the work of artist

Roy Lichtenstein writing, producing and

directing Framed!, a multi-media performance

for two actors and live saxophone player, Brad

Linde, for the National Gallery of Art,



February 2013 & August 2012:

Proud to be featured among Women

Artistic Directors of DC and Women

Playwrights of DC featured on

Jacqueline Lawton’s blog.